• 1 Free Domain for the first Year
  • 5 Page Hosting
  • 1 Business email
  • Unlimited Images
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • SEO Ready Website


  • Free Domain for first Year
  • Unlimited Pages and Images
  • SSL Certificate
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • SEO Ready Website
  • Product Portfolio
  • Google Local Directory
  • Weekly Website Backup


  • Features of Standard plan
  • 1 Business email
  • Payment Gateway
  • Google Local Directory
  • Daily Website Backup
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Portfolio

* 3 Months Support (Phone/Email) *Annual Renewal Fee ₹1,999

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask yourself before buying low-cost website designs

High-end: Provide good hosting packages like unlimited disk space, higher bandwidth, higher traffic access, fast loading, etc. Hosting service is taken from the worlds best companies. Hence, no compromise with price.

Low-cost: Has limited hosting packages with low disk space (which can affect speed and performance of your site), limited bandwidth (limited traffic access).

High-end: You can expect highly interactive functionality as well as mobile version and responsive websites. The site owners will also get some complex requirements so that people can easily engage with their website with their interactive outlooks.

Low-cost: Very low user interactive design and poor mobile version display with weird layouts.

High-end: Site owners will get an attractive look of their websites like perfect textures, shades, color palettes, clear font types, and other design related treatments by which a website can communicate easily with its visitor more effectively.

Low-cost: Normal design with a simple logo, plain font styles, no textures, no shades, and overall poor design.

High-end: Site design supports rich content to drive more traffic by making site SEO friendly.  Title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword analysis is provided to ensure site is loved by search engine.

Low-cost: Websites are lacking support for rich content display because there are so many limitations to inhibit the site performance and less SEO friendly.

High-end: Website is designed as per the search engine standards viz. Google Lighthouse speed score, Pagespeed Insights and other page speed tools to make website load faster.

Low-cost: Websites are not complied as per search engine standards and has a slow load time and no or a fewer supports of SEO tools.

High-end: Websites are provided with SSL certificate (a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client). It makes websites more secure and very difficult to break down and hacked, protect from malware and viruses. 

Low-cost: Cheap website can easily be hacked by a hacker or get infected by malware and viruses. Security is at site owners risk.

High-end: Web designer takes care of site maintenance, application updates, and domain renewals regularly. Updating content is time consuming task, it is taken care by designer. Site owner can sit back and relax.

Low-cost: One time activity by web designer to design the website and handover it to site owner. No maintenance and follow-ups.