About Me

"To be one of India's best bloggers and SEO strategists"

A Little story about a big dream

Hey everyone! Shambu here. I’m a family man who learned about online business because I had to. Like so many other people who have faced hardships in their jobs, I was forced to adapt quickly to support myself and my family. Today, I’m well into my Plan B career.

I post-graduated from college with a marketing degree and went to work for amazing banks for 10 years. I was thriving in my career and had no plans to leave it—but there are some parts of life we can’t control.

As my journey continued, I realized that the more I taught others, the more I learned myself, and that was thrilling and humbling. This was the spark that launched this website.

Now I’m an online entrepreneur and in many ways, it’s only just begun.

Shambu Ingali

Digital Marketing Certifications